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China Business Development

Mr. Herman Ng is a graduate of the University of Maryland with  a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and diversified studies in philosophy and criminal law.  He is a  retired Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.   From 1977 to 2001 he had served in Washington, D.C.,  Oklahoma City, and New York City, as such he has a comprehensive background in the investigation and management of complex criminal matters involving Title 18 United States Codes.  He is also a veteran of the United States Army with three years of active duty during the Vietnam era.   During his 25 years of illustrious career with the FBI,  Mr. Ng has received numerous commendations and awards for outstanding service as a law enforcement officer and a FBI manager.  Upon his retirement from the FBI  Mr. Ng received letters of recognition from President Bill Clinton and President George W. Bush for his contribution of exemplary service to the United States of America.

In 2008 Mr. Ng was invited to China for the biggest international event in China, the Beijing Olympics.  As the Director of Security for the American television broadcaster NBC, he managed and oversaw the security operations of NBC which had a presence of 3,000 employees in Beijing.  He was the coordinator between the various Chinese security departments and the United States security agencies for the head of States and high level dignitary visits.

During his post-retirement years from 2002 to 2007, Mr. Ng together with Mr. Paul Bucha, recipient of Congressional Medal of Honor and a former instructor at the West Point Military Academy,  had coordinated and provided series of leadership training lectures to business entrepreneurs, corporate CEO’s and presidents at venues such as Tsing Hua University and West Point Military Academy.

Prior to joining the LIGTT as a Partner, as the founder and President of HNG International Group,  Mr. Ng has provided consultation service for corporate joint ventures and acquisitions between companies in China and the United States.  Mr. Ng has been working with Mr. Patrick Harvey, Senator AG Crowe, and the LIGTT team since 2012.