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• Executive Fellowship, Negotiations-Strategy and Policy, Harvard University: JFK School of Government, 2000
• Executive Fellowship, US Government Negotiations & Policy, Syracuse University: Maxwell School of Public Administration, 1999
• MA, Strategy and Policy, Naval War College, 1994
• MS, Aeronautical Systems, University of West Florida, 1973
• BEng, Mechanical Engineering, Vanderbilt University, 1971


• Top Secret Clearance, Special Background Investigation (TS/SBI)
• Nuclear Engineer Certified (US Navy)
• Master’s License for Ship (USCG)
• Airline Transport Pilot Rating (FAA)
• Flight Engineer Rating (FAA)

Isaac (Ike) Richardson joined Bechtel in 2003 after a highlysuccessful 31-year career in the U.S. Navy, during which hefirst served as a fighter pilot. His excellent service led toadvanced roles, including Commanding Officer of an F-14 squadron; Captain of the 6th Fleet Flagship; Commanding Officer of the USS Nimitz, a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier;and then Director of the Aircraft Carrier Program for Navy Staff. In addition, he was the Deputy for Plans and Policy for the U.S. European Command in Stuttgart, Germany, and his career culminated in his final rank as Rear Admiral in charge of Construction & Refurbishment of all U.S. Navy Carriers. His work with Bechtel includes assignments as Project Director for Hay Point Expansion project in Brisbane, Australia, and for the Indonesia Met Coal Project in Borneo. He was Bechtel’s choice to lead the Kwajalein Range Services (KRS) project in the Marshall Islands, where he worked on the “Star Wars Program”—test firing ballistic missile interceptors from the island at missiles fired from Vandenberg, CA and Kodiak, AL.Between his Navy career and Bechtel he was with the Transportation Security Administration as the Federal Security Director for Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. His background of strong leadership and management ability make him an excellent choice as Project Director for the LIGTT.

November 2012–Present, Bechtel Civil, Project Director, Louisiana International Gulf Transfer Terminal (LIGTT) Project. Ike is currently the Bechtel Project Director for the LIGTT.

July 2012–November 2012, Bechtel Mining & Metals, Project Director, Hay Point Expansion, Brisbane, Australia. Ike was responsible for a $2.87 billion expansion of the coal terminal at Hay Point. This included construction of a1.8-mile trestle into Dalrymple Bay and the entire infrastructure needed to transport the coal offshore. This project also involved reclaiming land from the bay.

December 2011–July 2012, Bechtel Mining & Metals, Project Director, IndoMet Project. As the Project Director for this $4 billion EPCM project, Ike was responsible for the construction and oversight of the entire Bechtel Team. The project is currently designing eight separate sites that will encompass three ports, three camps, and two coal mines along with three roads that are approximately 97 miles long. The project is located in the central part of Kalimantan, Borneo, a jungle environment where there is very little infrastructure and few roads. Currently the project is in design (in Brisbane, Australia).

January 2009–December 2011, Bechtel National, Inc., Los Alamos National Laboratory. Ike was the Deputy Director of the Laboratory, COO, and senior Bechtel person for this $2.8billion per year LLC that included several large construction projects. He was responsible for day to day operations and all facets of management and for profit/loss for the LLC. His leadership helped deliver record profits for the last 2 years as well as an award of two 1-year contract extensions.

April, 2007–January 2009, Bechtel Civil, Director Operations, Doha, Qatar. Ike was responsible for the operational and business development of all Civil GBU projects in Qatar. This position required diplomatic liaison skills and interaction with the most senior levels of the Qatari government.

April 2006–April 2007, Bechtel Civil, Managing Director Aviation, London UK. Responsible for aviation projects worldwide and selected port projects; responsible for P&L of this business sector. He led the aviation branch for Bechtel where four airports were under construction at one time (Curacao, Doha, Miami, and Las Vegas).

May 2005–August 2005, Bechtel National, Inc., Defense & Space, Frederick, MD. Ike was the Homeland Security Manager responsible for developing new prospects and overseeing existing projects within this Defense and Space(D&S) sector. Customer liaison and teaming with major aerospace companies was an area of focus. As Acting President of BNI Defense & Space (during Jan Van Prooyen’s temporary assignment), he was responsible for the leadership and direction of the business unit.

September 2003–May 2005, Bechtel National, Inc., Defense & Space, Kwajalein, Marshall Islands. AsPresident, Kwajalein Range Services (KRS), Marshall Islands, for a joint venture with Lockheed Martin Corporation, Ike managed all efforts that supported the US Army Base located in the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) in a contract valued at $2.8 billion over 15 years. He performed deep space surveillance, oversaw research and development of intercontinental ballistic missile systems, and managed alarge array of technical/operational developmental weapons tests utilizing the most powerful radars in the world. In addition, Ike managed 2,330 technical, professional, and Island support staff; initiated several process improvements,new construction activities, efficiency initiatives, and managerial efforts that saved the government $18.6 million(FY 04) and $11 million (FY05). He helped secure a 2-year contract extension based on the team’s performance.

Other Bechtel Assignments:

• 2005–2006, Bechtel National, Inc., Homeland Security Manager, D&S, Frederick, MD. Principal Vice President; responsible for domestic and international projects and business development in this sector, including airport security, border security and surveillance (land & sea), command & control centers, and critical infrastructure protection.
• 2005–2005, Bechtel National, Inc., Mississippi Operations Manager for FEMA I, D&S, Frederick, MD.For FEMA (Hurricane Katrina Recovery), Ike orchestrated the activities of a 2800-person rapid reaction team that repaired/installed substitute utilities and infrastructure (water, sewer, power), which permittedthe placement of emergency housing units on commercial and private lots to give over 100,000 displaced personnel a temporary home.
• 2003–2003, Bechtel National, Inc. (BNI), D&S, McLean, VA. As Operations Manager, Homeland Security, Ike was responsible for oversight of BNI projects that were within the D&S arena, includingImmune Building and US Visit (Entry/Exit) projects. He was also responsible for customer interface, seeking market opportunities, and supporting General Manager D&S.


•高级研究员, 谈判策略与政策,哈佛大学,肯尼迪政府学院,2000年
• 高级研究员,美国政府谈判与政策,雪城大学,麦斯威尔公共管理学院,1999年
• 文学硕士,政策与策略,海军战争学院,1994年
• 理学硕士,航空系统,西佛罗里达大学1973年
• 工学学士,机械工程,范德比尔特大学, 1971


• 最高机密许可,特殊背景调查( TS / SBI)
• 核能工程师认证(美国海军)
• 船舶Master执照( USCG )
• 航空运输飞行员等级( FAA )
• 飞行工程师评分( FAA )

艾萨克(艾克)理查森在结束了其非常成功的31年美国海军的职业生涯之后,于2003年加入柏克德公司。在其31的军旅生涯中,他首先担任的便是战斗机驾驶员。他的出色表现使其在部队拥有许多高级角色,包括一个F – 14中队的指挥官,第6舰队旗舰的船长,美国尼米兹号航空母舰(核动力航母)指挥官,以及海军航空母舰计划主任。此外,他是美国在德国斯图加特欧洲司令部的计划与政策副指挥,而他的军旅生涯最终以他作为负责全美海军运输舰建设与翻新的海军少将完美谢幕。他与柏克德工作包括作为澳大利亚布里斯班的Hay Point扩建工程,以及印尼婆罗洲Met煤矿项目的项目总监。他是柏克德公司选派的在马绍尔群岛主导夸贾林服务范围( KRS )的负责人,他在进行“星球大战计划”试验从加利福尼亚州范登堡空军基地到和阿拉斯加的科迪亚克岛发射导弹拦截器。在结束海军生涯之后和开始在柏克德工作之前,他作为联邦安全主任在芝加哥奥黑尔国际机场负责运输安全管理局的工作。他的强有力的领导和相关的管理经验,使其作为LIGTT项目总监成为一个绝佳选择 。


2012年7月至2012年11月,柏克德矿藏与冶金,项目主管,澳大利亚布里斯班的Hay Point扩建工程。 艾克在Hey Point负责一项价值28.7亿美元的 煤炭码头扩建项目。这包括建成一条1.8英里深入Dalrymple海湾的栈桥,以及所有交通及煤炭离岸所需的基础设施。这项工程还包括了填海拓地。




2006年4月至2007年4月,柏克德市政,航空管理总监,英国伦敦。负责全球航空项目和所选的港口项目;负责此业务部门的盈亏 。他带领柏克德的航空分部,下属四个机场在同一时间兴建(库拉索,多哈,迈阿密和拉斯维加斯)。

2005年5月至2005年八月,柏克德国民公司,马里兰州Frederick空间防御。艾克作为国土安全部经历负责开发新的前景并监督空间防御下的现有项目。一个重点领域是客户联络及与各大航空航天公司的联手。作为柏克德国民公司空间防御的代理主席(期间扬凡Prroyen临时代理) ,他负责业务单位的领导和指挥。

2003年9月至2005年5月,柏克德国民公司,空间与防御,夸贾林环礁,马绍尔群岛。 作为主席 ,夸贾林服务范围( KRS ) ,马绍尔群岛,与洛克希德•马丁公司的合资企业,艾克管理位于马绍尔群岛共和国( RMI )的在15年间价值为28亿美元的美军基地。他进行深空监视,监督洲际弹道导弹系统的研究和开发,利用世界上最强大的雷达技术管理大范围的技术/操作发展行武器试验。此外,艾克管理2,330名技术人员,专家以及岛上辅助人员。他 同时发起了若干工艺的改进,开展新的建筑活动,实施提高效率的措施,以及管理的举措,为政府分别节省1860万美元(20 04财年)及1,100万美元( 2005财年)。他帮助此团队,以出色的团队表现,确保了一项两年的延期合同。


• 2005-2006年,柏克德国民公司,国土安全部经理, 空间与防御, Frederick,马里兰州。首席副总裁负责国内和国际项目及这一领域的业务发展,包括机场安全,边界安全和监视系统(陆地和海上) ,指挥和控制中心,以及关键基础设施的保护。
• 2005年,柏克德国民公司,密西西比运营经理FEMA I,空间与防御,弗雷德里克,马里兰州。联邦紧急事务管理局(卡特里娜飓风恢复) ,艾克精心策一个2800人的快速反应团队来维修/安装替代公共设备和基础设施(供水,污水处理,电力) ,其中,设置在商业和私人地段的紧急住房单元,让超过10万流离失所人员一个临时的家。
• 2003年,柏克德国民公司,空间与防御,麦克莱恩,弗吉尼亚州。作为国土安全部运营经理,,艾克负责监督柏克德国民公司项目均在空间与防御平台上,包括缅因大厦和美国访问(入口/出口)项目,中。他还负责客户交流,寻求市场机会,并支持空间与防御的一般管理。