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NYC Media Marketing

Mr. Mirone has leveraged his global experience and keen understanding of international business as an entrepreneur and strategic thinker. His broad view of markets is founded upon a knowledge of trans-border capital flows, international economics and an ability to capitalize on investment opportunities.
Mr. Mirone, is founder and managing partner of NYC Media Marketing LLC. The firm utilizes crossfunctional programs and dedicated marketing resources, locally and globally, to provide integrated business planning services and global campaign management platforms.
Mr. Mirone has an extensive background in business development and customer relationship management across multiple industries and platforms, with an unparalleled expertise catering high-profile individuals and their lifestyle.
Mr. Mirone holds a BA degree from John Cabot University of Rome, Italy. Fluent in English, Spanish and Italian, his multi-cultural upbringing and global outlook enable him to understand investors’ needs globally. Originally from Italy, Mr. Mirone boasts a vast network of high-profile international contacts. Personable, intuitive and determined, Mr. Mirone has worked at LIGTT Regional Center since its inception, and understands the needs and particular service requirements unique to its stakeholders.



Mirone毕业于意大利罗马的约翰·卡伯特大学并获文学学士学位。能够流利使用英语,西班牙语和意大利语,他的多元文化成长过程和展望全球经济前景的眼光使他能够理解全球投资者的需求。从意大利开始, Mirone先生逐步建立起属于自己的拥有高知名度的国际人脉网络。风度翩翩,拥有强大的直觉与与决心, Mirone先生自LIGTT区域中心成立以来便在此工作,他了解各种利益相关者与众不同的需求和特殊服务要求。