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Michael Kaminez is a founding partner of ABK Venture Group, LLC.  Through his years in business, Mr. Kaminez has been instrumental in the business formation of many hedge funds, private equity groups, and individual funds, and has personally assisted in their preparation to launch.

Mr. Kaminez has provided infrastructure services for his clients that ultimately ensure success for the investor and the fund manager.  With his guidance, they can ascertain the best marketing strategy to raise capital.  As a venture capitalist, Mr. Kaminez has been an investor within real estate, hospitality industries and small business start ups.  Mr. Kaminez also maintains his own financial portfolio along with private investments.

In regards to the Louisiana International Gulf Transfer Terminal EB5 Regional Center (LIGTT), Michael Kaminez is a Global Client Relations Specialist and Liaison.  Mr. Kaminez specializes in direct and niche marketing for LIGTT.   Mr. Kaminez regularly establishes relationships with other senior executives from international banks, international law groups, consulting groups, international tax organizations, hedge funds, private equity groups, immigration law firms, high net worth international family offices, individual EB5 investors, financial institutions, as well as companies or organizations that want to enter into the EB5 regional center space.  Mr. Kaminez also works within all areas of capital introduction and third party marketing.  Through these relationships, Mr. Kaminez conveys LIGTT’s best practices and gives the new client the knowledge necessary to excel with LIGTT.

Throughout his professional career, Michael Kaminez has been a part of many unique and challenging business opportunities from which he gained valuable expertise that he regularly conveys to his clients.