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 B.S. Finance & Philosophy, Fordham University, 1990

Mr. Harvey started his career as a DOT Operator for Fossett on the NYSE Futures & Options Floor. Within three months, he became a specialist clerk on the American Stock Exchange for Charlton, Goin & Spearleeds. At the six-month window, he became an options trader for Fossett Securities; he traded firm capital for several years, taking negative-gamma risk positions in companies such as Dupont, Westinghouse and Phillip Morris.

Circa 1995, Mr. Harvey held a Series 7, 63 and 55.  In 1998, he became a partner at Precision Trading Group in Stanford, CT.  Two years later, he moved on to trade with U.S. Securities & Futures in NYC, trading stocks, futures and options.

Mr. Harvey began trading currency for Sanwa Bank of Japan in 2001.  While there, he traded currencies, currency futures and options, and interest rate swaps.

In 2003, Mr. Harvey moved over to Opus Fund at BNP Paribas where he traded commodities – oil, gas and hydrocarbon products.  This developed into fund management.  As a PE manager, he invested in the project development of, as well as traded in, the commercial feedstock and off-take products of refineries, power plants, solar and wind farms, and ethanol facilities. During this timeframe, his team deployed capital into numerous, large-scale, energy-related infrastructure projects.

In 2006, he left the fund to pursue grass-roots start-up investments.  In 2007, Mr. Harvey joined ABK Venture Group as a part-time advisor, and then became a Partner and subsequently a managing partner.  He pursued venture capital, private equity fundings and foreign direct investments utilizing EB-5 capital.

In 2011, ABK was awarded the sole financing contract for the Louisiana International Gulf Transfer Terminal (LIGTT).  Mr. Harvey and Mr. Alan Valdes are the two founding principals of the LIGTT venture.

Mr. Harvey provides commentary at the NASDAQ and NYSE for Reuters-CCTV, Phoenix, Wall Street Multimedia and Xinhua.



哈维先生开始其职业生涯,是在纽约证交所期货及期权楼作为福斯特的运输部操作员。在三个月内,他就成为了美国证券交易所专员为Charlton,Goin以及Spearleeds工作。在第六个月结束的时候,他成为了福斯特证券的一名期权交易员。taking negative-gamma risk positions in companies such as Dupont, Westinghouse and Phillip Morris 。

大约在1995年,哈维先生获得了7系列证书以及 63与55资格证。 1998年,他成为斯坦福精密交易集团的一名合作伙伴。两年后,他在纽约继续美国证券与期货交易,买卖股票,期货及期权交易。


2003年,哈维先生转移到了BNP Paribas的Opus基金从事商品交易,包括 石油,天然气和烃类产品。这后来发展成基金管理。作为PE经理,他投资项目开发并交易商业原料和承购炼油厂,发电厂,太阳能和风力发电场,与乙醇设备厂的产品。在这段时间内,他的团队部署资本进入众多大规模与能源相关的基础设施项目。

2006年,他离开了基金会来开创基层初始投资。 2007年,哈维先生作为兼职顾问加入ABK创业集团,然后成为一个合作伙伴,并最终成为合伙管理人。他从事风险投资,私募股本资金和利用EB- 5资金的外国直接投资。

2011年, ABK被授予路易斯安那海湾国际中转码头( LIGTT )的唯一融资合同 。哈维先生和艾伦·巴尔德斯先生成为LIGTT创业的两个原始负责人。